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In our last post, we highlighted the impact Covid-19 and the national lockdown has had on the tuition industry. The biggest challenge we are all currently facing is uncertainty. We are uncertain what the future holds and whether we will enter a second peak, potentially resulting in a second lockdown and the closure of schools once again.

Private tutors have been source of stability for pupils as they can help educate and mentor young people by addressing anxieties, supporting them with difficult topics, promoting good routines and providing valuable quality education in the short term whilst schools have been closed.

However, with the prospect of all pupils returning to school in September 2020 and the roll out of The National Tutoring Programme worth £350 million recently announced by the Government, there may be some hope of those who are most disadvantaged and vulnerable to get the support they deserve.

The aim of the scheme is to provide catch up support to primary and secondary school pupils who have fallen behind in their learning, particularly from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The evidence suggests that the effects of private tuition on pupils boosts pupil progress by up to 6 months, approximately the same amount of time pupils would have been away from their schools by September 2020.

At Edusen Tuition Ltd, we understand that the government will be seeking to collaborate with tuition organisations who have high quality tutors and the relevant safeguarding processes and procedures in place. Therefore, we are delighted to be able to offer the following:

  1. 100+ tutors who have an enhanced DBS in place, 2 reference checks,  ID checks and a competency based interview in which the tutors understanding of safeguarding, pupil progress, school reintegration and pupil engagement is assessed. The majority of our tutors are either qualified teachers or well experienced tutors with experience of working with disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils.
  2. We provide each tutor with free CPD training which includes: prevent, safeguarding and autism training which is available for tutors to carry out.
  3. We have our own Designated Safeguard Lead (DSL) who has been trained to Level 3 alongside an online report form on our website, which allows for easy and secure reporting of any safeguarding issues.
  4. We have our own baseline assessment checks and weekly/monthly reporting system which allows clients and Edusen Tuition to monitor progress of each pupil.
  5. 20% of our profits go towards providing private tuition to children of The Armed Forces. By using our services, the children of the armed forces benefit.
  6. We are supported by the University of Wolverhampton enterprise team. We are also corporate members of The Tutors’ Association which ensures we follow the correct recruitment and safeguarding procedures. Alongside this, we have signed the Armed Forces Covenant which enables us to support those serving and their families as well as veterans and cadets.
  7. We established specifically to support schools and local authorities by providing good quality and affordable tuition. 

Considering the points above, we are confident our services will benefit those who are disadvantaged and vulnerable and we are excited to be in a position to offer our services to help deal with the post Covid-19 nationwide tuition programme.

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