How has Covid-19 affected the private tuition industry?

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Covid-19 has presented unique challenges throughout the globe for billions of people. We are trying to adapt to a new way of life which can only be described as ‘something out of a film’ in which we are the cast and our politicians are the script writers. Each and every industry has been affected by Covid-19, mostly in a negative way, with challenges face by all which nobody could even have thought to have prepared for.

An industry which is facing a significant challenge in particular is the Education industry. With the closure of schools to all but key workers children, the majority of parents are faced with the reality of home schooling and teachers are faced with the concept of distance learning and online teaching. Something that both parents and teachers may be unfamiliar with. At a time like this, private tuition would have held the key but due to ‘social distancing’- a term we are all too familiar with now, this is an unlikely avenue to follow for most people unless….. parents opt for online private tuition based up on work set by the students school.

Recently, private tutors have described the flow of work as having ‘dried up’ in comparison to their usual bookings at this time of year, when pupils are preparing for their GCSE/A Level/SATS tests. Despite the option of private tuition online, the current flow of work is not as fruitful as it should have been in a crisis like this, when the majority of people are told to STAY AT HOME. What could be the reason for this? why are parents not hiring tutors online to support their child’s school work? Why isn’t the tutor getting as many bookings? The answer involves a daunting word which we have all felt over the recent weeks…..UNCERTAINTY.

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Schools may be required to implement social distancing measures once they reopen.

Uncertainty causes people to behave in ways in which they would not normally behave. The panic buying, the hoarding of toilet roll, the fights at checkouts around the world are all as a result of the fear created by uncertainty. Now, this feeling of fear has activated the instinct of survival. People don’t know what the future will hold, therefore, they are holding on to as many things as they can in order to ensure survival if the worse case scenario occurred……this includes money! On the other hand, many people have unfortunately lost their jobs or income which directly affects their ability to pay for private tuition during the lockdown.

However, the future for the tuition industry is bright! Pupils would have a significant gap in their education which many pupils will struggle with. The prior learning that had taken place before the Covid-19 pandemic could just become a blur for many pupils who may insist they had never been taught that topic in the first place! Currently the schools have no plans of recapping prior learning, which means pupils would require private tuition to help fill these gaps. Uncertainty will shift to certainty and this is when the tuition industry will gain momentum and take off further than its ever been before!!

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