4 Little Known Tips to Help You Pay School Tuition


1. Group tuition can help you to split the cost of tuition between more than one person. This will make tuition more affordable and accessible. Please check with the tutor if they are happy to take on more than one pupil and what the adjusted rate would be.

2. Replace buying junk food with buying fruit and vegetables! Its much cheaper and healthier in the long run. The money you will save can be put into pot and before you know it you will save a few pounds each week. Tuition can be affordable for everybody if you make sensible choices and prioritise what is most important.

3. Gifts from family and friends. Politely request your family and friends to contribute towards tuition fees for the child on special occasions. Throughout the year we have Birthdays, Easter, Christmas and other occasions which may be celebrated by people of all faiths, this is the perfect opportunity to replace the gifts to be received from one of these occasions (not all, lets be fair!) towards the child’s tuition fees.

4. Funding! your child may be eligible for support with tuition fees if they are vulnerable or disadvantaged. Please check with your Local Authority to see if your child is eligible. This support could be a significant step in your child’s progress, especially if they genuinely require extra help.

At Edusen Tuition, we believe that tuition should be affordable and accessible to all, despite the pupil’s background. That is why we have chosen to specialise in disadvantaged pupil’s and support those who need it most.

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