Exams can be a hugely stressful time for both parents and students. The pressure, uncertainty of content and time limit within an examination may cause many students to feel overwhelmed and cause them to lack confidence. These feelings are quite normal, however, to minimise the effects we will discuss 3 ways to prepare for exam success!

1. Preperation! Preperation! Preperation! – this is the key to being able to minimise the stress and build enough confidence to be able to reassure yourself that you will be fine and that you could not have prepared any more. By planning ahead and organising a revision schedule several months ahead of the exam, you can take control of your revision and give yourself time to seek support from teachers or tutors if you are stuck on a topic or area.

2. Adequate rest and sleep– this is very important. If you overwhelm yourself, you will burn out! Rest is an essential component of the human body and a tired body and mind will result in poor absorption of information. The result of this would affect your concentration levels alongside poor information intake levels. You may end up ‘revising’ for 2 hours but your mind would only have had enough energy to absorb the first 10 minutes of this session, resulting in you feeling demotivated and even more tired!

3. Time management- Imagine being so prepared that you could have aced the exam paper……but you ran out of time! Time management is one of the most important factors during an exam. The key is to look at the number of marks the question is worth and spend that number of minutes on the question, for example, a question is worth 2 marks- you will aim to spend 2 minutes on this. If you exceed this time, move on! you can always return to this at the end if you have any time remaining.

If you require support with your preparation, please get in touch via our contacts page! We will do out utmost best to ensure you feel as prepared as possible and our tutors will be available to support you with weaker areas or gaps.

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