Edusen for Online

The demand for virtual teaching and learning has risen drastically since the Covid-19 pandemic has emerged and pupils moved over to online learning. Teachers and tutors have been able to adapt their style of teaching and incorporate the use of online whiteboards, educational quizzes, worksheets and assessments to ensure the highest quality of teaching and is taking place. Using an interactive whiteboard tutors can carry out lessons online in real time with pupils, as long as there is internet connection. These are just as effective and engaging as face to face sessions and can be carried out from any location in the world. All of our online tutors are highly experienced and are based within the United Kingdom. Tutors will plan an interactive lesson and will be trained to engage more challenging pupils. The key features of online tuition include:

Improved learning-  This style of learning may be ideal for SEND pupils as the tutor can adapt the lesson instantly to meet the pupils needs, as everything is available immediately online. 

Convenience & flexibility–  Its much easier to find a time and a tutor to suit your needs, as you will have a wider range of brilliant tutors to choose from!

Independence and responsibility- As the tutor and pupil form a good routine, the pupil can begin to take ownership of their learning and gain some independence. 

On demand– Need a tutor quickly? Wish to schedule a tutor for regular sessions? Need to ask your tutor a quick question about homework? Tutors are more contactable in between sessions as the online communication system is set up between the tutor and pupil. 

To find out more about how we can help, please call our team today on
0333 301 0903 or email us at, where we will be able to discuss your requirements and help find you a suitable tutor. Pupils will then simply login into our secure platform on TutorCruncher and their tutor will be ready for them ready to carry out the lesson. Lessons can also be carried out via other platforms such as Zoom or Skype, which can be mutually agreed by the tutor and the client. 

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